I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to teach and support birthing parents and families through the incredible time of becoming parents.  As you read my story, you'll see that over the years I've come full circle, from my own pregnancies and births, to serving families as a birth doula, midwife, and now back to my roots of education and service supporting families as a childbirth educator.

Gwen Santana Childbirth Educator

Like so many birth professionals, the first seeds of my career in birth were planted with my own birth experiences...

I was born and raised in New York City and am the proud mother of three sons. When I gave birth to my first son I had very little birthing knowledge. What I knew I got from reading a few books and talking to family and friends that had children.

When my time came I had to totally rely on the doctor and nurses in the labor room. Even though they were very good I didn’t like the lack of control I felt and not knowing what was going on with my own body. I vowed to change that.

For my second and third births, we enrolled in childbirth education classes. What a difference it made in my birthing experience! I knew exactly what to expect and why. I understood what the health professionals were talking about and was able to make informed decisions about my laboring process. I felt so empowered.

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One day while strolling through Greenwich Village I noticed a sign in a coffee shop that said “Become a Doula. Help empower women.”

That sparked my interest! I ended up signing up for doula training classes, getting certified, and working part-time as a birth doula. I absolutely loved it! It was a good fit for my calm and compassionate personality. I felt like I had finally found my life purpose.

Midwifery came next...

One of the instructors at the school really liked my work and invited me to intern as her assistant midwife. With her encouragement and support, I continued with my education; received my Bachelor of Science degree in Midwifery, and became a Midwife.

I assisted and/or birthed hundreds of precious babies. All this while working full time as a Medical Lab technician.

My childbirth classes bring all of this experience together!

I am based in the wonderful city of Philadelphia, PA.  My passion has come full circle and I share my knowledge and expertise in the birthing world as a childbirth educator.

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy pottery, attending a modern dance or ballet performance, and gardening.


SMC Certified Doula

Certified Professional Midwife

Certified Childbirth Educator

Certified Hypnotist

Medical Lab Technician (ASCP)

Certified Phlebotomist