A pregnancy & birth story with PCOS

Hi I’m Angelique and I wanna have a little story time with you all. I would like to share the fact that I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), a hormonal condition. I was diagnosed in my mid 20’s and it’s been a rough road worrying and wondering if I’ll ever be able to conceive a child. PCOS can also cause miscarriages during pregnancy so just when you got this far to get pregnant you have something new to worry about.

10/31/19 I found out I was pregnant.

Yay! I was over joyed and shocked all at once like finally it’s happening. There I was at 38 years old, scared yet ready and excited for my new journey. I was high risk because both my age and the PCOS.

20 weeks: A complication.

So at 20 weeks pregnant when I was told that I needed to get a cervical cerclage. This is a procedure that’s done during some high risk pregnancies to secure the cervix with stitches to hold the child inside. Now I was even more scared and worried like omg please lord don’t take me this far to let me down. So 2/21/2020 I got the procedure done everything went well and I continued the remainder of my pregnancy on strict bed rest.

6/24/20 A healthy baby girl.

A few months later I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy strong baby girl weighing in at 8 lbs and 7.8 oz who arrived 1 day before her actually due date. Needless to say that cervical cerclage did what it was supposed to do!

I got my pandemic/PCOS miracle baby I’m beyond blessed and overjoyed.